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L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition out on November 8, PC specs revealed


Rockstar Games moved pretty quickly with L.A. Noire. Usually the developer will release a console game and then wait a year or more before rolling out the PC version. Noire hit stores back in May of this year, and Rockstar already has a release date set for its PC counterpart: November 8 in the United States and November 11 in Europe.

The release is actually L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition, and it’ll be coming to Windows, as well as the Steam and OnLive digital distribution platforms. The title’s “complete” refers to the fact that this PC release will include all downloadable content packs available for consoles in addition to the main game. In all, that includes: “Nicholson Electroplating” Arson case, “Reefer Madness” Vice case, “The Consul’s Car” Traffic case, “The Naked City” Vice case and “A Slip of the Tongue” Traffic case. The whole package will retail for $49.99, which is pretty standard for a PC game.

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Rockstar also released the specs for the PC release, which anyone intending to play it on their PC using anything other than OnLive should pay close attention to. It’s actually not a tremendously demanding game from a specs standpoint, which is surprising given the technical wizardry the game puts on display. To run L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition you’ll need:

Operating System: Windows 7 / Windows Vista Service Pack 1 / Windows XP Service Pack 3 / OnLive for PC or Mac;
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.2GHz to Quad Core 3.2GHz / AMD Dual Core 2.4Ghz to Quad Core 3.2Ghz;
RAM: 2GB to 8GB;
Hard drive space: 16GB;
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT 512MB to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 1536MB / Radeon HD 3000 512MB to Radeon HD 6850 1024MB;
Sound Card: 100% DirectX 9 Compatible;
DVD Drive.

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L.A. Noire details its first downloadable content

If you have already managed to burn your way through the 20 odd hours of L.A. Noire and are left with an empty place in your life, fear not. Rockstar has announced plans to release all the downloadable content that was offered as a pre-order bonus, as well as a few new additions to go with it.

From now until June 14, you can purchase the Rockstar Pass for $10/800 MS points, which is less than half of what the seven pieces of DLC would cost individually. Once you have the pass you can then download all the current and upcoming DLC for L.A. Noire. Rockstar is also promising a special gift for those that purchase the Rockstar Pass before the 14th, after which the cost will increase, although the new price has not bee announced.

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Reports of L.A. Noire overheating, freezing issues surface, Rockstar has a temporary fix

Rockstar Games released its film noir-inspired opus L.A. Noire earlier this week, delivering one of the most unusual and genre-defying play experiences that the industry has seen in some time. Unfortunately, it also seems to be causing some headaches for players on both sides of the console fence, with reports of freezes and overheats coming from the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 camps. The issue was initially believed to stem from the recent 3.61 firmware upgrade that the PS3 received, the same one that ushered in the return of the PlayStation Network, which as we all know was taken offline last month following a network security breach.

Sony immediately denied the connection between the issues with the game and the recent firmware upgrade. Rockstar looked into the issue and responded with a post on its website. While it has "received a very small number of customer support questions about PS3s overheated or shutting down while playing L.A. Noire," both the game developer and Sony were able to "confirm that neither L.A. Noire or firmware update 3.61 are causing the PS3 hardware to overheat." That's when similar reports started coming in from Xbox folk.

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L.A. Noire shows off once more in this final trail before the game launches

While we all know Los Angeles to be among the most civilized, crime-free and cleanest cities in the world, but it wasn’t always the culturally rich town that it is today. Rockstar hopes to recreate those forgotten days when violence and corruption were common in Los Angles, in the upcoming detective-based open world game, L.A. Noire.

With just a week to go before the release of L.A. Noire, most gamers have probably heard plenty about the game already. It was the first video game ever accepted at Tribecca, it has a script of over 2,000+ pages, solving the crimes is incredibly in-depth and intricate, and more. If not, or if you are just so excited for it that you need a taste, Rockstar and Team Bondi have released the final launch trailer for the game.

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