Don’t worry, console gamers: LawBreakers may still come to the Xbox One, PS4

lawbreakers may come to consoles bosskey featured
Last week, Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski’s BossKey Productions finally unveiled the game it had been working on since last year. A fast-paced multiplayer shooter with an emphasis on mobility and verticality, LawBreakers certainly looks promising.

While the game’s trailer has gamers excited, those who prefer consoles are feeling let down, as so far the game has only been announced for the PC. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners shouldn’t give up hope yet though, as Cliff Bleszinski recently told GameSpot that there is still hope that the game could come to consoles.

“We’re only 40 people,” Bleszinski said, speaker of BossKey Studios. “I still love consoles; if the time is right, we’ll find the right partner to help us port it. We can’t do it ourselves.”

The studio is hopeful, but to date talks haven’t even started. Bleszinski says that he plans to talk with Microsoft Xbox head Phil Spencer and Playstation VP of publisher & developer relations Adam Boyes next week see if they “can make something happen” regarding bringing LawBreakers to consoles. Boyes was in attendance at a LawBreakers demo event, and Spencer has previously said that the game would be “welcome” on the Xbox One.

Given to race over console exclusives, it’s likely that either company will do what it can to make sure it has the only console version of LawBreakers. “I think Sony and Microsoft are currently yelling at each other,” Bleszinski said to GameSpot.

No release date has been announced for the PC version of LawBreakers, though the game is due to launch in 2016. Given the time required for a port, any console version would likely launch sometime later. The game will be free to play, published by Nexon, best known for MapleStory and Mabinogi. The company also published FPS Dirty Bomb online earlier this year.

For a look at LawBreakers in action, check out the official gameplay trailer below.

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