Lego Star Wars mobile release, Darth Vader TV specials outed in licensing brochure

lego star wars mobile release darth vader tv specials outed in licensing brochure

It looks like Disney’s got some plans for Star Wars in 2014, ahead of Episode VII‘s 2015 release, including a mobile release for “classic Lego games” and multiple “Darth Vader TV specials.” These details come from a brochure obtained by an attendee of the European Brand Licensing Show that was later shared with the European Star Wars fansite, Jedi News. The brochure is confirmed to be legit, and it lays out Disney’s rough plans for Star Wars between now and 2015.

The “classic Lego games mobile release” presumably includes one or more of the Lego Star Wars games, though the specifics of what’s due for release isn’t detailed. That, along with the Vader TV specials, are targeted for spring/summer 2014. The autumn/winter 2014 window lists the premiere of the new Star Wars: Rebels TV series as well as a Phineas & Ferb Star Wars special. There’s also the mysterious mention of a “digital library launch” in that window, though the exact contents of that library aren’t clear. Then, Star Wars: Episode VII will follow in spring/summer 2015, as Disney previously revealed.

This is all very vague, but it’s still the clearest picture we’ve seen of what Disney has in store for the run-up to Episode VII‘s release. Mobile platforms are almost certainly powerful enough at this point to handle direct ports of the Lego games, though controls may be an issue. The TV stuff is even less clear, but the idea of a Darth Vader TV special is certainly … intriguing. Just so long as he doesn’t sing. The digital library is the biggest question mark; could Disney be planning a Netflix streaming-like delivery system for all things Star Wars? A resource for playing all of LucasArts’ old games, including stuff like The Dig and Monkey Island? The mind boggles at the possibilities.