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LGBTQ gaming documentary Gaming in Color released for digital download

lgbtq gaming documentary color released digital download in
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Released today for digital download, the feature-length documentary Gaming in Color explores the history and challenges facing the LGBTQ community as it exists within the larger gaming scene. The film was funded through Kickstarter in 2013. It looks at both the LGBTQ gaming community through events like GaymerX, as well as the rise of relevant themes in games themselves.

“I really believe this film has the best shot at opening the minds and hearts of gamers everywhere,” said director Philip Jones. “This documentary, through the voices and experiences of our  hardworking and talented cast, shows what a strong and passionate movement that diversity and acceptance in video games has become. It really is an inspiring call to action.”

As a medium built around the assumption of perspectives that are not one’s own, games provide a unique platform for addressing questions of identity and agency that are close to the heart of LGBTQ discourse. With games like indie darling Gone Home garnering widespread acclaim, there’s never been a more vital interest in exploring these themes. That enthusiasm is dampened, however, by unfortunately frequent reminders of how hostile the gaming community can be, such as the Penny Arcade “Dickwolf” debacle or the ever cringe-worthy entries on The Bigot Gamer blog. This documentary seems perfectly timed to stoke a more open dialogue about how the community can address these shortcomings and welcome an ever-wider range of people as creators and players.

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