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Logitech Goes Game Happy with G-Series

Logitech today rolled out several new products related to a specialty line of computer gaming hardware. The new G-series family of gaming grade peripherals includes the G15 keyboard, G7 Laser Cordless Mouse and G5 Laser Mouse.

The G15 keyboard ($79.99 – available October) features a built-in auxiliary LCD display which can be tilted and programmed to display vital in-game information such as score, times and health as well as information from other applications like incoming email. The keyboard also offers 18 programmable keys, called the G keys, and three mode keys. With each mode key, a G key can be programmed to serve a different command. Different combinations can be programmed depending upon the game and the keyboard will know which game is tied to those commands upon the game’s start. Other features on this keyboard also include backlit keys, media controls and two USB ports.

“PC gamers are continuously tweaking their systems to achieve peak performance and enhanced speed for that added edge to defeat an opponent,” said Ruben Mookerjee, Logitech´s director of product marketing for interactive entertainment. “The Logitech G15 keyboard offers gamers unmatched levels of programmability, giving them a tactical edge in their quest to dominate. Also, the built-in LCD display provides game developers with a whole new way to display critical game information without distracting from the game itself.”  

The G7 ($99.99) and G5 ($69.99) mice will both be available in September. Both mice use laser illumination and tracking to provide what Logitech says is “lightning quick movements” at up to 45 inches per second at 2000 dpi. The G7 is cordless, has a built-in battery level indicator and dual rechargeable packs. The G5 is more of a traditional cabled USB mouse and comes with 16 miniature round weights, eight weighing 1.7 grams and eight weighing 4.5 grams, of which up to eight can be distributed inside the base of the mouse via a cartridge to provide more weight to match a specific gaming or other need.

“These G-series mice are the culmination of our ongoing relationship with PC gamers,” said Ashish Arora, Logitech´s vice president of product marketing for retail pointing devices. “The feedback we´ve received from gamers is that their ideal mouse is a combination of the most advanced performance specs and the highest level of customization. With pixel precision, blazing speed, and customizable features, the G5 and the G7 mice certainly meet, and even exceed, the dream gaming mouse described to us by gamers around the world.”

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