‘Madden’ predicts a good week for all divisional leaders, even though two will lose

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This week and every week for the remainder of the NFL season, we will bring you weekly game predictions courtesy of EA Sports’ Madden NFL 25. Our methodology: Each week we will update the rosters using the game’s roster download feature to make sure the game lineups reflect the real teams, then we’ll simulate the week’s match-ups using the Franchise Owner mode. We’ll record the simulation’s scores, its best players of the week, and the injury reports, then post these results each Saturday. This makes the Thursday game something of a litmus test (Madden 25 is 6-2 so far this season on Thursday games) – you can use this info for fantasy or gambling purposes. Or you can ignore it entirely. What does Madden know about football, anyway?

With eight weeks in the books and nine to play, it’s a pleasant surprise to see that Madden has yet to predict any deaths in its injury report. For as bloodthirsty as the game can be, you’d think it would only be a matter of time before it lists Ryan Mathews as having died on the field. This time, the game lists him as going out with a pulled groin, but out of respect for the Chargers’ beleaguered running back, we will no longer list the numerous, and surprisingly varied number of injuries Madden continues to wish upon him. He’s having a tough enough year on the field already after being eclipsed by the Chargers’ other running back, Danny Woodhead.

Last week, Madden was a bit off when it picked the Patriots to blow out the Dolphins by 51, but New England did still win by a comfortable margin in their 27-17 victory. The same is true for many of the games it picked in week eight. Madden didn’t foresee the Bengals humiliating the Jets by 40 – who did? – but it did predict an 18-point win, which is still a blowout by most estimations. Based on the patterns we are beginning to see, the game is unsurprisingly predicting another set of big wins for teams, with only four games being decided by a touchdown or less. Expect those predictions to shrink as the games heat up.

It’s right around this time each year when murmurs of the playoffs begin to pick up, and conference matchups carry even more weight. A single win or loss can potentially change a team’s standings drastically. In the AFC North, for example, the Bengals are clearly the top team with a 6-2 record, but all four teams have a 1-1 record against each other. Pittsburgh, who are 2-5 overall, still have a legitimate shot at the playoffs. Although there are just 13 games this week, all eight division leaders are in play, and of those eight, Madden is predicting wins for all of them except Seattle and Indianapolis. Strangely, this is one of the rare weeks that either of those teams could lose and still remain in first place in their respective divisions. Indy would be losing to a conference rival in the Texans, but would retain first place over the Titans, who face a non-divisional opponent. The Seahawks face The Bucs in a non-divisional game, while their closest rival the 49ers has a bye week.

As for the Chiefs, who are the only unbeaten team remaining, and whose comeback after last year’s 2-14 season is shaping up to be one of the top stories of the NFL year, are predicted to win again and go 9-0. So far this season, Madden has only predicted incorrectly for the Chiefs once.

Week 9 League Leaders:


Drew Brees: 316 yards 3 TD
Aaron Rodgers: 312 yards 2 TD
Joe Flacco: 302 yards 2 TD
Tom Brady: 258 yards 3 TD
Russell Wilson: 218 yards, 104 yards rushing 1 TD

Wide Receivers

Dwayne Bowe: 119 yards 2 TD
Rob Gronkowski: 112 yards 2 TD
Marques Colston: 108 yards 1 TD
Brandon Marshall: 103 yards 1 TD
Stevie Johnson: 101 yards 1 TD

Running Backs

LeSean McCoy: 173 yards 2 TD
Arian Foster: 132 yards 2 TD
Ray Rice: 126 yards 1 TD
Chris Johnson: 124 yards 1 TD
DeMarco Murray: 108 yards 1 TD


CJ Spiller (HB): 1 weeks Broken hand
Alex Smith (QB): 3 weeks Pulled groin
Danny Amendoloa (WR): 6 weeks Broken wrist
Terrelle Pryor (QB): 3 weeks Arm fracture
Santana Moss (WR): 2 weeks Broken thumbs
Adrian Peterson (HB): 6 weeks Broken hand

Week 9 Game Results

Thursday Night Game

Madden Result   Actual Result  
Cincinnati: 27 Miami: 12 Cincinnati: 20 Miami: 22

Sunday Games

Madden Result   Actual Result  
Carolina: 16  Atlanta: 14 Carolina: 34 Atlanta: 10
Dallas: 24 Minnesota: 3 Dallas: 27 Minnesota: 23
New Orleans: 26 NY Jets: 15 New Orleans: 20 NY Jets: 26
Tennessee: 34 St. Louis: 12 Tennessee: 28 St. Louis: 21
Kansas City: 23 Buffalo: 20 Kansas City: 23 Buffalo: 13
San Diego: 23 Washington: 16 San Diego: 24 Washington: 30
Philadelphia: 23 Oakland: 6 Philadelphia: 49 Oakland: 20
Tampa Bay: 34 Seattle: 13 Tampa Bay: 24 Seattle: 27
Baltimore: 27 Cleveland: 3 Baltimore: 18 Cleveland: 24
New England: 34  Pittsburgh: 6 New England: 55 Pittsburgh: 31
Houston: 34 Indianapolis: 14 Houston: 24 Indianapolis: 27

Monday Night Game

Madden Result   Actual Result  
Green Bay: 32 Chicago: 12  Green Bay: 20 Chicago: 27

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