Major PS4 update brings fancier videos, dimmer controller

major ps4 update brings fancier videos dimmer controller sharefactory

Sony updated the Playstation Blog with full details of the v1.70 system update for the PS4, which launches into the ether tomorrow, along with updates for the PS Vita and the Playstation App. We’ve previously covered the update’s major features, which revolve around the powerful, new SHAREfactory video editing app and more options for getting those videos out into the world.

In addition to generally buffing out the system’s functionality with features like HD streaming and PayPal support, the update also finally addresses long-standing concerns about the brightness of the DualShock 4 controller’s light, adding Bright, Medium, and Dim settings so people can better manage any screen glare. The Vita system update will streamline the PS4 link for remote play, now automatically detecting and pairing systems that are simultaneously online for the same user.