Make your living room super Mario with the Question Mark Block Lamp

Etsy is very hit or miss when it comes to the various products and artists featured on the crafty site. Fortunately, 8BitLit’s few products are more of a hit — nearly literally as well. 

This artist created a Question Mark Block Lamp which is made using laser-cut acrylic enclosures. The lamp is designed to be suspended from its power cord and is pretty light. It comes with a custom-milled printed circuit board and touch sensor. The lights are bright LEDs that 8BitLit says are energy-efficient. 

The touch sensor is on the bottom of the block and when it tapped the block makes the sounds from the Mario games. Every eight times that the light is toggled, users will get a 1-UP. If you want to put the lamp on a side table or nightstand 8BitLit also sells a custom acrylic stand which continues with the pixelated style.

For those who are a bit more DIY they also sell a Lamp kit that you can build on your own. You will need a soldering iron, solder, hot glue or double stick tape and some superglue. Everything else is provided for you. We do have an image of the kit broken down in the gallery above. 

Check out the video below to see how the lamp works and sounds: