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How to find all eight secret Infinity Rifts in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Outside of the campaign, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order for the Nintendo Switch has a series of Infinity Trials, reworked challenges set in the levels you’ve completed. The majority of the Infinity Trials unlock naturally as you play, but eight of them are hidden throughout the campaign. The Infinity Rifts aren’t always in plain sight, so we’ve put together a guide detailing all of their locations.

Infinity Rift locations

One global tip for finding Infinity Rifts: Make sure to listen to Nick Fury when he informs you of anomalies in the area. When he talks about anomalies, an Infinity Rift is really close to your location.

The Raft

The first Infinity Rift is found in Chapter Two: The Raft. After defeating Sandman, you’ll arrive at the Central Courtyard checkpoint. Head towards the waypoint and Nick Fury will inform you of an anomaly in the area. Once you see a ton of boxes on the right, jump over the railing and head down the path. Your first secret Infinity Rift will be waiting at the end.

An Ability Trial, you’re tasked with beating Nebula (level 7) with reduced damage, but increased EP regeneration.


Starting from the first checkpoint in Chapter Three: Shadowland, you’ll have to fight a series of baddies and then navigate a stealth area with security headlights beaming down. After making it through the stealth area (hopefully unscathed), Jessica Jones will smash a pillar to create a path for you. Up ahead is a bridge that takes you to the temple. Before you go over the bridge, head all the way to the right to find your second Infinity Rift.

A Synergy Trial, you have to fight Doctor Octopus (level 10). Synergy attacks deal more damage, while all other attacks are reduced and EP regenerates faster.

Avengers Tower

At the second checkpoint (Main Laboratory Exit) in the Avengers Tower, Vision unlocks the lab door. Once you hit a fork in the hallway, turn left to find your third Infinity Rift.

A Wave Trial (level 14), you have to defeat 200 enemies on Kree Ship.

Xavier Institute

At the Mansion Gates checkpoint in Xavier Institute, follow your objective into the garden. You’ll fight two giant sentinels before the area opens up. Rather than heading right, turn left and walk through the crumbled barriers to find your fourth Infinity Rift.

A Survival Trial, you have to defeat Elektra (level 21). During this fight, your vitality gradually depletes. Landing attacks heals, but you cannot revive teammates.

Dark Dimension

After finding Elsa Bloodstone in the Dark Dimension, she will open up rifts for you to travel through to the next area. Move through two of them. Up ahead, you’ll see a rift guarded by a handful of baddies. That’s your main objective, but before you head up the slope towards them, there’s a dip in the road to your left harboring your fifth Infinity Rift.

A Rush Trial (level 25), you’ll have to take down 40 enemies in Raft prison. The longer the trial lasts, the more damage everyone will do.


The Infinity Rift in Wakanda is really easy to find. You will probably see it simply by heading towards the objective. Clear out the baddies at the beginning of the mission and head onward until you spot a ledge on the right. Directly to the left of that ledge is the Infinity Rift.

An Ultimate Trial, you’ll have to fight Kree Justice and his minions (level 36).


Once inside the palace in Asgard (the Royal Rotunda checkpoint), head towards your objective. You’ll walk down a flight of stairs into a large room with a path that winds along the perimeter. To the left are a bunch of enemies. To the right is the seventh Infinity Rift.

A Boss Wave Trial, you’ll have to fight Nebula, Kingpin, and Ronan (level 34).


In Knowhere, you help Cosmo the adorable pup in combat. Afterwards, you will use a hyperlift en route to a showdown with Ebony Maw. At the Hyperlift Exit checkpoint, simply turn around and you’ll see the Infinity Rift on your right. If you pass up Cosmo and ascend the ramps to trigger the fight with Ebony Maw, you’ve gone too far.

An Ultimate Trial, you’ll fight Sandman (level 40) and his minions.

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