Max Payne 3 screens arrive to remind us that a game really is coming


Rockstar Games released a couple of new screens today for Max Payne 3, which you can check out above and below. The images don’t bring any great revelations about the game, but they do demonstrate just how beautiful games can look with Rockstar’s RAGE engine (see also: Red Dead Redemption.

Max Payne 3 picks up roughly a decade after the events of the previous game. The titular modern-day gunslinger has left his job as a New York City cop and gone off to Sao Paolo, Brazil, where he’s landed himself in some trouble. He’s a private security guy now, working for a wealthy local family, when he suddenly finds himself double-crossed and on the run. You can bet that Max’s trusty guns will be fired at least a few times in his search for the truth,

There’s no release date yet for Payne 3, though holiday 2012 seems like a reasonable guess. Rockstar hasn’t announced anything else lately, though rumors continue to suggest that an announcement for another Grand Theft Auto game is imminent.

max payne 3 screens arrive to remind us that a game really is coming screen 2