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The best games on Meta Quest 3

VR headsets have become a successful niche for gamers who want to fully immerse themselves in their gaming experiences. There are plenty of options out there in terms of which headset you could go with, including Sony’s PSVR2 and Oculus, but the latest and greatest is the Meta Quest 3. This is the upgraded version of the already impressive Quest 2, and it not only boasts more powerful hardware, but also new features that can add even more immersion to games. This headset is fresh on the market, so if you picked one up and are looking for the best games to test it out, we’ve collected the ones you should dive into.

Asgard’s Wrath II

Asgard’s Wrath II
Platforms Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3
Genre Role-playing (RPG), Adventure
Developer Sanzaru Games
Publisher Oculus Studios
Release December 15, 2023
If there’s one game released for the Meta Quest 3 that feels like a real example of what VR games can and should be, it’s Asgard’s Wrath 2. It isn’t some watered-down or simplified version of an action RPG that makes compromises on VR, but a game that embraces the platform’s unique advantages to enhance existing game design. There have been a few standout titles in the VR space that have accomplished this, but even among that slim company, Asgard’s Wrath 2 manages to feel like it came from an era where we’ve already overcome all the growing pains of designing for VR. If you want a full-featured RPG with great puzzles, lore, and even strong melee combat, this one title will sell you on the potential of VR.
Asgard’s Wrath 2 | Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer | Meta Quest 2 + 3 + Pro

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
70 %
Platforms Windows Mixed Reality, SteamVR, PlayStation VR, Meta Quest, Meta Rift, Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR2
Genre Role-playing (RPG), Simulator, Strategy, Adventure, Indie
Developer Skydance Interactive
Publisher Skydance Interactive
Release January 23, 2020
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners has been around for a while now, and a sequel is in the works, but this original title was one of the first examples of a truly impressive and deep VR game that didn’t feel like it was held back by being in VR. There’s no requirement to be familiar with the source material to play this game — only that you want a tense and realistic zombie survival experience. Every stab and bash through the brain you perform is done through your own motion. Add on the crafting and upgrading elements and this is a complete package that has gotten visual and performance upgrades on the Quest 3.
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Official Cinematic Trailer

Red Matter 2

Red Matter 2
Platforms PC (Microsoft Windows), Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR2
Genre Shooter, Puzzle, Adventure, Indie
Developer Vertical Robot
Publisher Vertical Robot
Release August 18, 2022

With an extremely unique setting of a dystopian cold war in space, Red Matter 2 is a mixture of puzzles and first-person shooting. Your ultimate goal as Sasha is to discover the hidden truth about the titular Red Matter while exploring the large open area with a jetpack for traversal. The mixture of all the different puzzle types, plus satisfying combat and exploration, all serve to engross you in this tale about reality, destiny, and morality.

Red Matter 2 Reveal Trailer

Tetris Effect: Connected

Tetris Effect: Connected
94 %
Platforms PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR2
Genre Music, Puzzle, Indie, Arcade
Developer Monstars, Resonair
Publisher Enhance
Release May 14, 2020
You’ve played Tetris before, but never like this. You may not think that something as simple as this game about falling blocks could evoke strong emotions, but the complete sensory experience of Tetris Effect: Connected in VR is unlike anything else on the market. The gameplay is exactly the same as you know and love, but the music, effects, colors, and entire presentation in VR elevate this specific version to the absolute best way to play. Plus, with this version, you can experience the game in multiplayer modes in addition to the single-player offerings.
Tetris Effect: Connected Announce Trailer | Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Windows 10 PC

Beat Saber

Beat Saber
85 %
Platforms Windows Mixed Reality, Meta VR, SteamVR, PlayStation VR, Meta Quest, Meta Rift, Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR2
Genre Music, Sport, Indie
Developer Hyperbolic Magnetism
Publisher Hyperbolic Magnetism
Release May 21, 2019
Yes, we know, everyone expects Beat Saber to appear on any best VR games list there is, but there’s just no way to ignore how good it still is. This game is almost as universally playable as something like Wii Sports, where all you need to know is how to swing your arms  in order to play. The addictive nature of slicing blocks to your favorite song while upping the difficulty and getting into the flow as the lights and sounds surround you is one you can’t pass up if you have the opportunity. Just don’t think about how ridiculous you look to someone outside the headset.
Beat Saber Gameplay Teaser

Pavlov VR

Pavlov VR
81 %
Platforms SteamVR, Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR2
Genre Shooter, Indie
Developer Vankrupt Games
Publisher Vankrupt Games
Release February 27, 2017
If you’re more of a hardcore FPS player, options can be fairly limited on VR. Thankfully, Pavlov VR exists on the Quest 3. This is a completely multiplayer-focused game that is somewhat like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but in VR. Matches are tense, strategic, and one mistake can get you killed. You’ll find a nice set of game modes, tons of weapons, and full mod support for maps and modes to provide nearly endless content.

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