Michael Jackson glove ships with Wii game


Michael Jackson hasn’t had a video game since the 1989. As such, Ubisoft is going all out for the release of Michael Jackson: The Experience on Nov. 23. Those who pre-order a copy of the Wii game will receive a free white sequined glove with their dance game.  The single white glove was a staple of Jackson’s wardrobe for many years. If you remember his brimmed hats, short pants, and circus conductor shirts, chances are you’ve seen the glove.

“We worked with the estate and created a special edition glove that’s going to go into the day-one quantities of Michael Jackson: The Experience on the Wii. If you go to the store and look for this specially marked package, which is going to be the same price as the regular edition, you’ll be able to get this limited edition glove to bring home. It’s something that’s never been available before, and we see it as an opportunity to have fun with the glove,” Ubisoft’s Tony Key, SVP sales and marketing, told IndustryGamers in an interview.

Fortunately, you won’t have to pay any more to get the glove either. Michael Jackson: The Experience on Wii will retail for the standard $50. There is no word yet on whether the upcoming, delayed PS3 and Xbox versions of the game will have this promotion. Perhaps they’ll give out red triangle coats when the Thriller movie comes out.