It looks like the world is ending in this Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 4 trailer

The fourth episode of Minecraft: Story Mode, “A Block and a Hard Place” will launch December 22, Telltale games announced Thursday. The game will launch simultaneously on various digital platforms across PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. Disc-based players will be able to download the episode via online update.

Touted as the “finale” of the Wither Storm saga, the Minecraft universe seems extremely doomed in episode four. With the Wither Storm “reducing the world to bedrock,” Jesse, Reuben and their group will have to traverse the “farlands” in their final chance to find what they need to save the world. Meanwhile, the quest stands on the edge of a knife, as the ragtag group seems to be falling apart under the pressure.

“It doesn’t matter how this started or who started it,” Jessie says in the trailer. “We just have to end it.”

Either way, it seems that players will see through the “final battle” in episode four. There will be one more episode of Minecraft: Story Mode coming in “early 2016,” but Telltale described it as the story’s “mysterious” epilogue. Plus, you can’t breakout the epic trailer music without a truly climactic event to back it up.

Back in reality, Telltale announced that the first chapter of Minecraft: Story Mode has launched on the Windows Store on Windows 10. The studios said that more chapters will become available on that platform “in the coming weeks.”

In addition to Minecraft: Story Mode‘s final episode, the studio has at least two series releasing in 2016: The Walking Dead: Michonne, a mini-series directly linked an arc from the Walking Dead comic book, and a new Batman series. Further out on the horizon, the developer has penned a deal to create games set in the Marvel universe, the first of which is expected to arrive in 2017.

Minecraft: Story Mode, Episode 4 — A Block and a Hard Place will be available for download December 22.