EA shows off next Mirror’s Edge, renews focus on elegance

The next Mirror’s Edge doesn’t have a release date, we did get to see a developer diary talking about the DICE-developed game during EA’s E3 press conference.

The video showed off some of Faith’s new moves, which now include the ability to round corners while wall-running by grabbing onto nearby pipes. In addition, DICE is designing the game to allow players to choose between taking faster, more dangerous routes or easy, longer ones.

With the new game, DICE wants to strive for seamlessness, as the conceptual prototype footage showed Faith can leap off walls, attack enemies, and continue without breaking her stride. DICE also wants to focus on why Faith does what she does and who Faith is while giving her a slight redesign.

As previously mentioned, EA did not reveal when Mirror’s Edge would be released, though more information on the game will surely be revealed as time passes.

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