When NBA2K15’s face scanning goes wrong, it goes really, profoundly, wrong

nba 2k15 face scanning mishaps will haunt dreams scan

The face scanning technology that uses the PlayStation camera or Kinect to insert your likeness into NBA 2K15, which launched on October 7, is really cool when it works. But is perhaps even more, nightmarishly cool when it screws up.

The system choked on my beard and then froze up before it could finish at our preview, but that’s nothing compared to the monstrosities people have been getting sometimes when the scan does run its course.

nba 2k15 face scan 2 nba 2k15 face scan 3

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nba 2k15 face scan 4

These abominations look more like something you would expect in a Silent Hill game than a mainstream basketball franchise. The system will surely be improved in upcoming patches, but until then share your terrifying avatars over at the Dat Facescan Tho tumblr, where they are being compiled. And make sure yo play with the lights on.