NeverDead shows off in these new screenshots

It is surprisingly difficult to write about the upcoming game, NeverDead, without making terrible jokes and puns. You know the sort, “the main character of Bryce is falling apart”, or “Bryce often likes to lend a hand”. Yeah, they are terrible. But it is difficult to avoid them when the game in question’s most attractive feature is that the main character has the ability to remove his limbs and reattach them to other things.

Konami’s upcoming game, NeverDead, follows Bryce Boltzmann, a demon hunter that was cursed with immortality 500 years earlier. Thankfully, he took his cursing in stride, and with his perpetually annoyed partner, Arcadia, ever at his side and forced to listen to his wisecracking comments and centuries worth of stories, the duo are trying to hold back a demon invasion that has wiped out most of Bryce’s city.

Using the detachable limbs as both a combat element and puzzle solving tool (and for humor), you will fight back the demon hordes on PS3 and Xbox 360 later this Fall.