Nintendo Debuts ‘Electric Blue’ DS Color

“This eye-catching new color comes at an ideal time,” says George Harrison, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. “Nearly 2 million Nintendo DS owners in North America alone have demonstrated they want something new from a hand-held video game system. Soon, consumers will have two popular choices for the innovative dual-screened Nintendo DS, which features touch-screen control, voice recognition and wireless play.”

June also will see the release of two exciting new DS games. On June 13, Kirby: Canvas Curse will bring a new touch-screen twist to a popular franchise. Players will draw rainbow paths for Kirby to roll along as he stuns enemies and takes on their abilities. And on June 27, the highly anticipated and highly addictive puzzle game Meteos(TM) will have players launching deadly falling meteors back into space with touch-screen precision.

Nintendo DS