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Adult diaper built for 'Outlast' gamers — yes, this is really a thing

Now this is just priceless. Developer Red Barrels, the creator behind the Outlast series, has taken to Kickstarter to offer a companion adult-sized diaper called “Underscares.” According to the company, when players become scared, No. 2 can become problem No. 1, and that’s where the diaper comes in. We s*** you not.

To be perfectly honest, the Kickstarter project appears to be part of the upcoming sequel’s hype generator. Red Barrels said that after the release of the original Outlast, the team received “numerous reports” regarding soiled pants and “unprepared amuses.” This pushed the studio to prepare gamers for Outlast II by selling them an official diaper to wear once the game goes live.

“Underscares are 100 percent real and inspired by the Outlast community,” the Kickstarter page states. “In partnership with local designers, we developed a diaper prototype that combines practicality, comfort and style so gamers can experience abject terror without worrying about dirtying their egos (or their couches).”

The Kickstarter project provides five tiers for Outlast fans. Pledge CA$ 5 or more and get a simple thanks. Pledge 10 Canadian dollars or more, and fans receive a kit to create their own Underscares diaper. After that, the CA$ 55 tier provides an Outlast II Steam key and a “Basic” Underscares diaper, the CA$75 tier offers a Steam key and a “Deluxe” Underscares diaper, and finally the crazy-expensive (and demonic) CA$6,666 tier provides the Outlast Chapel.

According to Red Barrels, the Outlast Chapel package includes six Deluxe diapers, six Outlast II Steam keys, six Outlast II sewable patches, and a replica of the demo booth Red Barrels used during PAX East 2016 in April that was shaped as a chapel. Imagine playing the upcoming sequel on a PC or console sitting inside a chapel-like structure measuring 16 feet high, just over 14 feet wide, and slightly over 16 feet deep. Uncanny.

The “Basic” diaper comes packed with components such as the Ultra-Mesh Sewage Suppressor, Liquid-Lock elastic thigh “portals,” a Middle Morph stretch waistband, and Midnight Brownout abrasion-resistant fabric. The “Deluxe” model tacks on the Fatasp Flavor-Ready drink pocket, the Lilwuss wearable night light, and the Middle Morph reinforced waist support. All models come with an upside-down cross stitched on the front for a more devilish appearance.

“While ensuring final product quality there is the possibility that the pledge levels containing both Basic and Deluxe Underscares will have their delivery dates adjusted in order to ensure final product quality or to accommodate larger than expected quantities,” Red Barrels adds. “The production of the Outlast 2 Underscares is fully dependent on the funding of this Kickstarter project but the project’s success or failure will not affect the publishing of Outlast 2.”

The Underscares Kickstarter project currently has 160 backers pledging $8,902 out of the $29,818 goal as of this publication. The project will end on Thursday, December 8, at 11:59 p.m. while the actual Outlast II game won’t be available until sometime during the first quarter of 2017.

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