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'Overwatch' looks surprisingly good as a turn-based RPG in new fan-made video

What if Overwatch was a Turn-Based RPG?
With Overwatch‘s colorful cast of characters, it’s not too hard to imagine a world where they came to life not as first-person shooter characters, but as team members in a Final Fantasy-style RPG. One fan has taken that idea and run with it, creating a video of what it would actually be like to play such a game.

The video really sets the stage for a classic RPG, with menu screens that could have been taken right out of Final Fantasy VII. There are indicators for level, class, health points and experience and hinted at options for changing weapons, stats, abilities and more.

Getting into the gameplay proper, though, McGree, acting as the main character, sets off to explore the dusty desert township of the Road 66 map. However, that romp is short lived, as he soon runs into a randomized battle against Roadhog. Drawing in teammates Bastion, Mercy, and Reinhardt for help, McGree settles down to a drawn out fight complete with magic, gunfire, and limit break-style finishing moves.

It all finishes up with a classic post-battle sequence where experience is awarded to the victors and several of the characters even did so well that they earned a level-up for their trouble.

To create such a video, YouTuber The Salt Factory had to enlist the help of several friends to act out the battle as it would be in a turn-based RPG. They also cribbed sounds from Final Fantasy VII and VIII, as well as music from Overwatch, Final Fantasy IX, IV and VI to create the authentic turn-based battle experience.

The fan response to the video has been very strong and a number have enjoyed spotting lots of little details and Easter eggs that are not easily seen on a first viewing. Some are even clamoring for Blizzard to make such a game, or at least offer it as a bonus minigame experience within the main Overwatch game.

That would take a lot of work, but if enough fans push for it, you never know what may happen.

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