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Pebble Feel is a personal air conditioner built for the metaverse

Pebble Feel is a new device that brings unique sensations to digital space. The wearable tech can heat and cool users, allowing them to feel temperature changes while exploring digital spaces in the metaverse.

The tech comes from Shiftall, which is looking to accelerate its metaverse business via a collaboration with Panasonic. The tech company revealed a suite of new VR products at CES 2022, including the ultra-lightweight MeganeX headset. The Pebble Feel takes its metaverse plans to the next level by bringing temperature control to digital space.

The Pebble Feel being worn on a man's back.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The “personal air conditioner” is a 60-gram, palm-sized device capable of adjusting a body’s temperature. It needs to be attached with some form of a harness or special shirt, which doesn’t appear to come with the product. Once attached, it can be used with SteamVR apps, like VRChat, and allow users to experience temperature shifts.

It can reach a minimum coolness of 48 degrees F and a maximum heat of 107 degrees F. It’ll last 15 hours on a charge in medium cooling mode and 25 hours in medium heating mode. Shiftall recommends using it in environments between 41 and 104 degrees F.

Shiftall puts a heavy emphasis on the metaverse when talking about the device, but it can technically be used outside of digital space if someone simply wants a personal air conditioner. While the device is compatible with SteamVR, it can also be used with iOS and Android devices. It only requires a Bluetooth v5.0 connection.

The Pebble Feel is expected to launch sometime this spring and retail for around $200.

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