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MeganeX is an ultra-lightweight VR headset with shockingly high specs

MeganeX is a new VR headset that’s unlike anything we’ve seen from the tech yet. Created by Shiftall, in collaboration with Panasonic, the “ultra-lightweight” headset looks like a thick pair of bifocal glasses.

Announced at CES 2022, Shiftall says that the MeganeX was created with the metaverse in mind. The company claims that metaverse users spend 2,000 hours in digital space per year, so it wanted to create a lightweight VR solution that’s less of a burden.

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The MeganeX VR headset sits on a human's face.

The result is a truly unusual design that looks less like a standard VR headset and closer to glasses. Rather than strapping onto one’s head, it has stems that sit over a user’s ears and only slightly curve around the back of their head. The eyepiece more closely resembles a pair of binoculars with two round eye cups. The frame is foldable, much like a pair of glasses.

The entire setup weighs approximately 250 grams without a cable attached. For comparison, the Meta Quest 2 weighs roughly 503 grams. It’s not the lightest headset on the market though. That honor belongs to the HTC Vive Flow, which weighs in at 189 grams.

The device’s specs are impressive considering its size. It features a 1.3-inch microdisplay that can project 5.2K HDR 10 bit images at 120HZ. Its processor is built using the Snapdragon XR1 platform and it features camera-based inside-out head-tracking with 6DoF head position detection. The device includes built-in speakers, as well, and is compatible with SteamVR apps.

The MeganeX is scheduled to launch sometime this spring, though it doesn’t have a firm release date. Shiftall expects that the device will cost “less than $900.”

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For the most part, the FAQ is full of basic information about the PlayStation VR2's specs, how to set it up, and what's required to use it. But the Games section of this FAQ reveals quite a few illuminating details about the future of the system. It reiterates that there will be around 30 launch titles for the system, but also reveals just how much is in the works for the headset. In response to the question, "How many games are in development for PS VR 2?" Sony writes, "There are currently more than 100 titles in development for PS VR2."

That's a good sign, as a new, expensive VR headset like this lives or dies on its game lineup. PSVR2's early days might be a bit odd as Horizon Call of the Mountain is one of its only true exclusives -- and it's not backward compatible with PlayStation VR titles (something this FAQ reiterates. However, those picking one up can still know that lots of games are in the works for it.
Another FAQ question asks, "Will PS VR2 games be digital only or will there be physical disc releases?" -- which is sensible to clarify as this headset's predecessor had physical games. "Initially at launch, PS VR2 games will be digital," Sony says. "Physical disc releases for select titles may be available at a future date." So don't hold on to the idea of picking up a physical copy of Horizon Call of the Mountain; you'll be getting PS VR2 games through the PlayStation Store for the time being.
Check out the full FAQ if you have any technical questions about PS VR2's setup and which games it supports. PlayStation VR will be released on February 22. 

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