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Xbox One + Philips Hue LEDs = Technicolor madness (and one awesome apartment)

As your home gets smarter and more of your devices begin working closer together, a few amazing connections are about to be made. And not all of them are obvious.

The Philips Hue wireless lighting system creates the opportunity to not only control customize your lighting with an app, but also to create immersive new gaming opportunities when combined with an Xbox One. Yes, the lighting in your entire living room can transform in real-time with the game on your screen. And let’s not forget all the other things these multi-color LED lights can do. From the app you can create scenes and settings to match your activity and mood, along with scheduling the scenes to transition throughout the day.

In this video, Joshua Smith brings an inside-look at his current setup equipped with Hue bulbs, strips and even the all new Hue Go. Find out how these lights work, what it’s like gaming with them, and more in this quick video review.

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