Play Battlefield 4 this weekend to unlock more of Hardline’s beta

play battlefield 4 weekend unlock hardlines beta eaa

The “Heists” mode will be unlocked in Battlefield: Hardline‘s upcoming beta test if the community collectively scores at least 2 billion points in Battlefield 4‘s Rush mode this coming weekend. This special Community Mission is live right now and runs until midnight on Saturday, January 24.

Heist is one of the new gameplay modes described when Hardline was first revealed. The criminal team races to get into a vault or armored vehicle and then escapes to an extraction point with their loot while the police try to stop them.

You can see a Heist match in action below. Visceral has not yet provided a date for the open beta, which will be available on PlayStation, Windows, and Xbox platforms.

The challenge kicks off two months of “weekly treats with a Hardline flair” from developer Visceral Games in the lead-up to Battlefield Hardline‘s release on March 17. Subsequent weeks will offer bonuses like Gold Battlepacks, special dog tags, wallpaper, and more Community Missions like this one.

Battlefield 4‘s most recent downloadable content release, Final Stand, capped off a season of add-ons, but DICE, the series’ lead developer, has assured fans that Final Stand is not the end for new content coming to Battlefield 4.