PopCap Pounds Out Hammer Heads

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“Hammer Heads is one of those games you have to play to appreciate; atfirst glance it seems loony and somewhat simplistic, but once you startsmashing those gnomes, it’s awfully hard to stop.”

So says Jason Kapalka, Chief Creative Officer at casual game developer PopCap Games which just unveiled its new title Hammer Heads for the Web and PC. Appropriate for all ages, Hammer Heads starts from a pretty simple premise: use your hammer to keep those wacky gnomes in the ground where they belong! Along the way, players can pick up power-ups and bonuses with their hammer while trying to outsmart the gnomes as quickly as possible.

The game offers three modes (Classic Bash, Marathon, and Tough Cookie), dozens of levels, and works in plenty of twists and humor as players progress. Gnomes have attitude and sometimes special powers.

Hammer Heads was developed by Nuclide Games, which also developed Pixelus and Rocket Mania in conjunction with PopCap.

Hammer Heads has a retail price of $19.95 and will be available for free Web play from PopCap as well as game portals like RealArcade.com, MSN’s Game Zone, and Yahoo Games.