Portal 2 DLC available next week for free

If you are sick, elderly, or otherwise infirm, and thus NOT fit to play Portal 2, please return to your primitive tribe and send someone who is. With the massive swell of games due later this year, most of us have deleted the previous year in gaming from our minds to make room for the coming gamemageddon. But for those lucky few, privileged to remember the amazing Portal 2, then you are in luck. For everyone else that skipped the game, please report to the final test chamber for your debriefing. There will be cake.

Today Valve has confirmed the release of “Portal 2: Peer Review.” The DLC will contain several new co-op modes for Atlas and P-Body to test under the scornful eye of GLaDOS, plus there will also be single player puzzles, but they will not be part of the overall story from the campaign. The content was originally scheduled for summer, but unspecified delays pushed it back.

The DLC will also introduce co-op Challenge Mode, featuring a new game mode and leader boards. And best of all, the whole thing will be free. No, this is not a trap.

“Portal 2: Peer Review” will be available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 4.

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