Prototype 2 features new, very angry protagonist

prototype 2 features new very angry protagonist

Take an open world, insert a guy with fantastic powers, then begin to break stuff. Such was the premise of the original Prototype game, and its predecessor seems to be following the same strategy. Sure, there is a huge plot about conspiracies and revenge, but at its heart, the Prototype games are there for you to become more powerful and then be set loose on the streets of New York to break stuff.

While the game is not due out until sometime in 2012, the trailer, which debuted at the VGAs over the weekend, shows off one major feature of the sequel—namely that the protagonist is no longer Alex Mercer, but is instead Sgt. James Heller, a man that blames Mercer for his powers and the problems they caused.

The original game followed Mercer as he attempted to piece together his life after waking up in a morgue with no memories and a strange set of shape shifting abilities that allowed him to consume people to gain their memories. How exactly Mercer fits into the new game, and why Heller blames him for his condition, are both unclear.

Prototype 2 will be released for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 sometime in 2012.

[Warning: Trailer may not be appropriate for all ages]