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Prototype 2 gets April 2012 release and new trailer

prototype 2Prototype fans fiending for another fix of the popular game’s open world, city-smashing carnage now have a day to circle on their calendars: April 24, 2012.

Activision announced the official release date for Prototype 2 this week at Comic-Con International in San Diego, and debuted the first of segment of a new, three-part trailer for the game.

The sequel to 2009’s well-received, sandbox smash-fest that had players running, jumping, and obliterating their way through a replica of Manhattan as the mutating, hooded mystery man Alex Mercer, Prototype 2 casts a different character in the starring role. As Sgt. James Heller, Prototype 2 players are on a mission to kill Alex Mercer, who Heller blames for the death of his family.

Let’s be honest, though — do you really need a good reason to parkour your way through the city and demolish anything that gets in your way? We didn’t think so.

The new trailer for the game — titled “Homecoming” — offers a look at Prototype 2‘s protagonist as he returns to the city 14 months after the initial outbreak in search of Mercer. Cutting between CGI scenes of Heller angrily running and jumping across the city and scenes of the blood-stained remains of his family, the trailer seems to indicate that the sequel will spend less time solving mysteries and more time wreaking havoc on what’s left of Manhattan.

If you’re planning to attend Comic-Con this weekend, more footage from the game will be shown at several Prototype 2 events held throughout the show, as well as at the Activision booth. According to a press release issued by the developer, those not making the trek to the West Coast will be able to see some of the new offerings roll out on the game’s official website (though it doesn’t seem to be loading at the moment).

[Warning: Trailer may not be appropriate for all ages]

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