PS3 Increases Global Marketshare to 31 Percent

Propelled by a September price cut and a several new top selling and critically acclaimed exclusive titles, the PS3 is beginning to gain ground in the console wars. Since its release, the PS3 has faced criticism for it’s high price and the lack of titles, while generally being lauded for its hardware capabilities. Now that the price has made the PS3 more accessible, and titles like Uncharted and God of War III are available, the momentum seems to have shifted in Sony’s favor.ps3 increases global marketshare to 31 percent sony playstation 3

A new report from Strategy Analytics states that the PS3 has increased its global market share from18 percent last year at this time, to 31percent. The PS3 is expected to sell 14 million consoles over the rest of the year. By comparison, the Wii is expected to sell 17.5 million, while the Xbox 360 is expected to sell 10.5 million.

“Our analysis shows that while Wii sales fell relative to Q109, its share in fact remained constant relative to Q409, “Principal Analyst behind the report, David Mercer said, “The main movement in Q1 2010 was the growing share for Sony’s PS3, at the expense of Microsoft’s Xbox 360.”

Mercer also stated the current predictions are based on trends continuing as they are, but several variables could shake that up, including the release of the Natal and the Sony Move, both of which could elevate their respective consoles.