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PlayStation 4 System Update v2.00 will bring Share Play and more

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Along with announcing a host of new titles coming to PlayStation 4, Sony’s Gamescom 2014 presentation also included details about the 2.00 system update, which will add Share Play. This new feature will create a sort of “virtual couch,” allowing you to invite friends to remotely jump into your games, even if they don’t own a copy.

For example, you can pull a friend in to assist you as Igniculus in Child of Lightor join you in completing the TowerFall Ascension Quest Mode. You can even hand over control entirely, just like passing the controller to a friend, say if you need a little help getting through a tricky bit in The Last of Us Remastered.

Scheduled for release this fall, system update v2.00 will also add a number of requested sharing and video features. That includes better support for uploading gameplay videos and dedicated app support for YouTube. What’s New is also getting enhanced with real time friend-of-friend suggestions and real name searching to help better connect you to your gaming communities. More features of v2.00 will be announced in the next few months leading up to its release.

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