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PS5 beta update brings back folders, 1440p, and more

A new PlayStation 5 system software update beta has been released today that brings back folders, adds 1440p support, requests to share screen, and more.

Sony has utilized system software betas to test upcoming features and additions to its consoles since the PS4. Users can opt-in for a chance to be selected to test out these new features before they are finalized and rolled out to all consoles. Previous betas have revealed new features like voice commands, new social features, and VRR support. Those selected to participate in these betas receive an email with a download code.

A folder with ps5 games in it.

Outlined in an official PlayStation Blog post today, Sony announced several new features select players will see in this software beta. These include the addition of “gamelists,” which function just like folders did on the PS4. Players will now be able to create their own gamelists by selecting the Your Collection tab and selecting Create Gamelist. You will be able to add up to 100 titles to any list, and have a maximum of 15 gamelists at once.

This update also gives a new resolution option of 1440p HDMI video output for compatible monitors and TVs. This will allow games that support this resolution to display at their native resolutions, or give improved anti-aliasing through supersampling down to 1440p.

A handful of social features will also be tested. These include the ability to request share screen from party members to watch their gameplay, get notifications of any games you can join when joining a party, send stickers and voice messages through the Game Base, and more.

The lack of folders on the PS5 was a major cause of consternation among PS4 players who upgraded to the new console and found they had no way to easily organize their games. While we still have to hope for customizable themes to return, gamelists are a long-overdue feature fans should be happy to finally get back.

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