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Terrifying clowns try to kill you in this teaser for ‘PUBG’ Halloween event

PUBG - Beware... Halloween Approaches

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an intense experience heightened by the fact that once you die, it’s over. Soon, though, that tension may transform into outright fear. PUBG Corp. shared a nine-second teaser that heavily points to a Halloween event.

In the clip, you’re being chased in a creepy dark building by multiple assailants, one wearing a pumpkin mask and the other wearing a skull mask. A killer nurse and a terrifying clown that bears a passing resemblance to Pennywise are also lurking. On Twitter, the clip’s caption reads: “Beware … Halloween approaches.” On YouTube, the description is similarly vague: “Sneak a peek at your own peril. No Treats. All Trick. Coming Soon.”

Halloween is only two weeks away, so it shouldn’t be long now. Based on the clip, it’s hard to tell where the event is set, but it would be cool if it was completely inside and in the dark.

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At the very least, there will be multiple new skins, but imagine 100 Pennywise-style clowns hunting each other down in the dark.

However, the clip suggests numerous possibilities for the event. The scary folks are attacking with knives while the conventional PUBG player has a pistol. Perhaps we could see a variant where the folks doing the scaring have to lurk in the dark and kill their prey with knives while the others have a dinky pistol. That might be hard to pull off logistically, especially with a high player count or large map.

The other possibility, which seems even more doubtful, is that the clowns and nurses are A.I.-controlled enemies. It would be cool to still have to hunt other players and worry about a clown jumping out of the darkness at the same time. Yes, this idea comes from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s Blackout battle royale mode. In Blackout, zombies pose a threat in certain situations.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

No matter which direction PUBG Corp takes with this event, we’re looking forward to it. The Halloween update comes at a good time. Black Ops 4‘s release has undoubtedly stolen a portion of PUBG’s player base. We’ll have to see if the prospect of being hunted by killer clowns will draw players away from Blackout and back into the world of PUBG.

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