Quantum Break gameplay highlights Remedy’s time-twisting action

Quantum Break is no longer just a loose idea anchored to the marriage between a game and live-action shorts; Remedy Entertainment’s on-stage gameplay demo at Microsoft’s Gamescom 2014 press briefing proves that you’ll play just as much as you watch.

The live demo revealed the time-turning twist behind Quantum Break‘s third-person cover-based action. Protagonist Jack Joyce takes on a gang of gun-toting baddies in a dockyard setting, and he uses his special powers — shared by fellow stars and playable characters Beth Wilder and Paul Serene — to get an advantage, freezing opponents in their tracks with time itself.

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Microsoft and Remedy revealed Quantum Break at E3 2013 as one of the first confirmed games in the Xbox One lineup. It was never expected to launch in 2014, given Remedy’s ambitious plan of marrying the episodic structure of the game’s levels with live-action shorts that are influenced by decisions made by players. Now that we’ve seen some of the live-action bits and we’ve seen some of the gameplay, all that remains is to see how the two link together.

Quantum Break is expected to arrive on Xbox One sometime in 2015. Here’s some music to get you in the mood.