Red Dead Redemption’s final DLC pack, Myths and Mavericks, coming in September as free download


Rockstar Games has had a fantastic run with Red Dead Redemption, thanks in large part to the continued support of players who are still playing online even now. The game has also received a lot of love in the downloadable content department, most notably with the release of the play-changing campaign and multiplayer expansion “Undead Nightmare.” Rockstar announced today has one last treat for its fans before Red Dead is put out to stud while the development focus shifts to upcoming releases.

A final DLC pack is coming to the fictional world of New Austin in September called “Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack.” Better than that, it’s going to be absolutely free. The details offered in Rockstar’s newswire post are minimal, but it’s a safe bet that most of you were sold at “free Red Dead Redemption DLC pack” anyway.

The pack will add a number of unnamed character models to the game for use in multiplayer, including the John Marston’s gunslinger pal in Mexico, Landon Ricketts (pictured above). New multiplayer locations will also be added for several online modes, including Deathmatch, Grab the Bag and Gang matches.

As an added note, a title update should be coming to Red Dead prior to the DLC’s release that will include a fix returning the Undead Overrun mode to its original settings. Fans were rankled by recent changes made to the mode’s rules, and it sounds like those changes will be erased. Hopefully this is also to prepare for some newly added maps for that mode as well.