Red dots are not your friends in this new Brink gameplay video

red dots are not your friends in this new brink gameplay video hudIncluding a HUD in an FPS is nothing new. In fact, it is odd when there isn’t one, and usually signifies that you are playing a very specific game type, like a hardcore match. Either that or the game you are playing kinda sucks. Regardless, the HUD is an intrinsic part of the FPS gaming experience, and the upcoming Brink is no different.

In the video below, Brink shows off its display option to help you not get pwned. For the most part, it is what you would expect. There are a few new bells and whistles, but nothing that will feel foreign to experienced shooter fans. More importantly though, the video shows off a good chunk of Brink’s gameplay, and how you will use that HUD while crushing your enemies.

Brink will be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on May 10.