Rome will burn in Total War: Attila

The Creative Assembly and Sega have announced the next entry in their long-running Total War series of strategy games, Total War: Attila. The cinematic announcement trailer features the titular Hun, promising death, destruction, and fire for the proud Roman empire that you so meticulous built in Total War: Rome (and II).

Janos Gaspar, the fantastically named project lead on Attila at the Creative Assembly promises both the return of fan-requested features and the introduction of some exciting new mechanics that will give this latest historical war simulation a flavor all its own.

Family trees and skill trees will come back to the series to enhance the metagame progression outside of individual battles. To better capture the flavor of the era and the Hunnic style of warfare, mechanics for street-fighting, civilians, settlement-destruction, and dynamic fire have all been added, letting you truly feel like a harbinger of the apocalypse to a bloated civilization.

Total War: Attila  is set for an unspecified 2015 release on Windows and Mac OS platforms. By no coincidence, Total War: Rome II is available to play for free this weekend on Steam, if you’re curious to see whether this series is for you.

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