Saddle up for Red Dead Redemption-inspired jobs in GTA Online

red dead redemption appears on xbox one

Following its collection of jobs inspired by classic GTA missions, Rockstar has curated a list of fan-made jobs based on the studio’s fantastic 2010 Western, Red Dead Redemption.

Get your pistols and sawed-off shotguns ready for this collection of mostly deathmatches set in the more rural corners of the greater Los Santos area. Fans have also meticulously recreated Red Dead Redemption‘s popular “Hold Your Own” and “Grab the Bag” multiplayer modes. Red Dead Race trades the Grand Prix’s traditional horse power for some modern horsepower so you can weave through cacti and speed along train tracks for old times’ sake.

Check out the whole list over at Rockstar’s blog and dust off your ten gallon hat to relive John Marsten’s epic adventures.