‘Saints Row’ cast grows to include the voice of Jay Mohr

saints row cast grows include voice jay mohr saintsrow4 4

The Saints Row series has another celebrity joining the ranks of its voice cast, with actor and comedian Jay Mohr confirming on Twitter that he’s lent his pipes to… something relating to Saints Row. The tweet includes a photo of the recording studio, complete with a monitor showing some notable characters from the series, but it’s not clear whether Mohr’s performance belongs to an upcoming DLC drop for Saints Row IV or Saints Row V, the unannounced but near-certain-to-arrive sequel to the August 2013 release.

This actually won’t be Mohr’s first appearance in a Saints Row game. He previously popped up in Saints Row 2 as Dane Vogel, the evil corporate suit who was responsible for causing so much misery as an Ultor executive. It’s unlikely we’ll see Vogel again, though. His reign as Ultor’s Head of Special Projects came to an unceremonious end when he was shot in the face and his body fell from the top of a skyscraper – all of which was shown in graphic detail – at the end of Saints 2.

Uh, spoiler alert for a five-year-old game?

Of course, the Matrix-like construct at the hart of Saints Row IV could conceivably see Vogel revived in some form or another for a DLC release. The latest SRIV DLC introduced freaking Santa Claus as a character, after all. Bringing back a long-dead corporate executive isn’t out of the question.