Star Wars, Nerdist, and The Tick voices join the cast of Tales from the Borderlands

sam witwer chris hardwick patrick warburton join cast tales borderlands chasvaughn 2

Telltale Games and Gearbox Software have announced some new talent in the cast of Telltale’s upcoming episodic adventure, Tales from the Borderlands. Three new faces, to be precise, and they’re probably all familiar to you for one reason or another.

Sam Witwer (Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars: The Clone Wars) stars as one of the game’s two protagonists, Rhys, a low-level data miner working for Hyperion. Nerdist podcast host Chris Hardwick plays Rhys’ best friend and fellow Hyperion employee, Vaughn, who gets caught up in his buddy’s ambitious schemes. Finally, the gravelly bass of Patrick Warburton (The TickThe Venture Brothers) tickles your eardrums in an unconfirmed role.

These talented actors will join a cast that already includes gaming mainstay Nolan North and Dameon Clarke, who created one of the most memorable gaming antagonists of the past few years with his performance as Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2.

Tales from the Borderlands is set to surface for the first time at E3 next week, suggesting that Telltale’s planned summer launch is right on schedule.