Screenshots for Batman: Arkham Knight show of the Dark Knight’s newest enemy

Rocksteady’s upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight may be the developer’s last foray into the world of Batman, but the studio seems to be planning on going out with a bang. Where the previous Arkham games, including WB Montreal’s Batman: Arkham Origins, all took established pieces of the Batman DC universe and crafted a new story around them, Arkham Knight is trying something different.

Batman: Arkham Knight introduces an original character in the Arkham Knight, one of the game’s main antagonists (although we still don’t know much about him yet). According to Rocksteady, this character is unique to the Arkham universe, and is a completely original creation from the developer. For a closer look at the game and how the new character is introduced, check out our recent preview.

Along with shots of the Knight in action, you can also check out some new looks at Batman from the upcoming game, as well as the newly remodeled Gotham City designed for next-gen systems. Batman: Arkham Knight hits PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 14, 2014.