Sega strengthens Steam presence with Binary Domain

sega strengthens steam presence with binary domain

PC gamers who hate robots but enjoy telling AI characters how much they love them are in for a special treat come April: Sega is bringing its unusual science fiction shooter Binary Domain to PC.

Released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in February, Binary Domain distinguishes itself from similar games that let you shoot bad guys while hiding behind walls. The story of an international task force looking to root out the roboticist behind a plague of human-looking androids is unique in that it lets you speak to your AI squad mates through a headset. Unlike Mass Effect 3, which also lets you voice command other characters, though, your squad performs differently based on how much they trust you, not just on what you ask them to do.

Binary Domain is also unusual in that it will be the first game by Sega’s Yakuza Studio to be released for PC. Famous for its eponymous Playstation-exclusive Yakuza series, this is the second first for the studio as it had never worked on Xbox 360 prior to Binary Domain.

The PC version will be released as both a boxed copy at stores as well as through Steam, in the latest example of Sega slowly strengthening its ties with Valve’s digital platform. While the publisher has nearly 100 games available on the service, it’s only recently been releasing games targeted at the console market on Steam in close proximity to console releases. Last fall Sega released Sonic Generations on Steam and consoles on the same day. The upcoming release of Binary Domain should hearten PC and Steam gamers hungry for Sega’s stranger creations.