Sierra Bringing World Conflict to Xbox 360

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Sierra Entertainment has announced it plans to ship World in Conflict for the Xbox 306 “this fall” and for PCs this September, combining elements of strategy and first-person action in a military action game pitting Cold War rivals against each other in completely destructible battlefields.

World in Conflict takes place in an alternate-history scenario where the Berlin Wall never fell, and begins in 1989 as the Soviets advance into Europe in an effort to forestall their own economic collapse. Conflict ensues as NATO moves to block the Soviets…and then faces conflict on a second front as the United States comes under attack.

World in Conflict is the natural fit for Xbox 360, as it effectively blurs the lines between strategy, action and first-person-shooter, making controlling units and issuing orders quick and easy on the console controller,” said Al Simone, Sierra’s Senior VP of Global Marketing, in a release. “Fans of action games and strategy fanatics alike will find that World in Conflict’s unique game play and advanced multiplayer combat will provide a fresh game experience not yet available on consoles.”

World in Conflict was created by author Larry Bond (who designed the Harpoon and Command at Sea gaming systems), and is being developed by Sierra’s Swordfish Studios and Massive Entertainment, and will offer completely destructible 3D battlefields and a narrowed game play focus which emphasizes combat and tactical decision-making rather than base-building and logistical decisions, with results that combine the scale of a strategy game with the intensity of a first-person shooter. The game will combine a single-player story with multiplayer modes, in which up to 16 people can participate in head-to-head or team-based contests. And players will have full access to Cold War arsenals, from tanks, troops, helicopters, and planes all the way up to nukes.

Sierra says World in Conflict will ship for the PC in September, with an Xbox 360 edition launching “this fall.” The company has not released any pricing information.

A special Collector’s Edition of the game will include an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall, the History Channel program Modern Marvels: The Berlin Wall, behind-the-scenes videos, and special packaging featuring Soviet and American flags.