Sly Cooper movie stealing theater screens in early 2016

sly cooper movie stealing theater screens early 2016

Did you know that there’s going to be a Sly Cooper movie based on the PlayStation-exclusive Sucker Punch series of the same name? It’s in development at Blockade Entertainment (with CGI assistance from Rainmaker Entertainment) and you can get your first look at it today in the trailer below. Not much is known about the movie at this point, though producer Brad Foxhoven tells ShackNews that you can expect to see Sly, Bentley, Murray, Carmelita, and Clockwerk factor into the story.

Blockade is a name we’re probably going to be hearing more of. Before Sly hits theaters in early 2016, the company will be released a CG animated Ratchet & Clank movie in early 2015. And before that, we’ll be seeing an animated take on PlayStation 3 launch title Heavenly Sword sometime this year. All of these projects were developed with input from the creative-types behind the games.

The Sly Cooper teaser below doesn’t tell you much about the movie’s plot, but it gives a sense of the animation style. It sounds like all of the familiar voices from the games lent their talents to the trailer as well, and presumably the eventual film as well. It’ll probably be some time before we see a whole lot more from this movie, but it’s definitely a promising start, don’t you think? Check out a few more tidbits on the official Facebook page.