Sony to launch PlayStation Now beta test on new 4K Ultra HD TVs

sony launch playstation now beta test new 4k ultra hd tvs ps

Sony has announced that customers who purchased the company’s newly-released 4K Ultra HD (and select 1080p) televisions will be given first access to the beta test of the PlayStation Now game streaming service. That means you won’t need a console, only a DualShock 3 controller in order to play select PlayStation titles, streamed directly to your television.

The Private Pilot for PlayStation Now will be available on eligible televisions starting June 30. PlayStation 4 owners get access next on July 31, with PlayStation 3 and PS Vita to follow thereafter. Short-term game rentals range in cost from $3-20, depending on the title and duration of the rental. Those prices are of course subject to change over the course of the beta test.

Engadget has shared the following list of 2014 BRAVIA TVs that will be initially eligible for the Pilot:

  • XBR-X950B series
  • XBR-X900B series
  • XBR-X800B series
  • KDL-W950B series
  • KDL-W850B series
  • KDL-W800B series
  • KDL-W700B series
  • KDL-W600B series

The new 4K Ultra HD TVs purport to provide the most visually-impressive home theater experience available to consumers, using Sony’s proprietary technologies like X-tended Dynamic Range PRO and the TRILUMINOS Display to present a wider color spectrum, higher peak brightness, and richer blacks than competing 4K resolution sets. They are available now at Best Buy, Sony Stores, and other participating retailers across the United States and online.

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