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Sony’s PS5 logo is exactly like all the other PlayStations

Sony surprised the gaming world by making a PlayStation 5 announcement at CES 2020, sharing the first look at the PlayStation 5 logo.

It’s exactly what you would expect. The logo looks similar to the PS4 logo. Sony has kept its PlayStation branding extremely consistent across generations, so any major change for the PS5 would have been a strange move.

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This news follows Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards 2019. The Xbox Series X reveal was relatively in-depth, showing off the look of the console and controller, and providing basic performance specifications.

CES 2020 also saw a minor tidbit of new Xbox Series X news. AMD’s press conference revealed the rear of the new Xbox console, including its ports. We now know the Xbox Series X will have two HDMI ports, two USB-C ports, optical audio, and an Ethernet port.

Interestingly, this means we saw more of the Xbox Series X at CES 2020 than we did of the PlayStation 5, despite Sony’s reveal of the PS5 logo. We know now what Microsoft’s console looks like front and back, its performance target, its port configuration, and what the gamepad will look like.

PS5 devkit leak
PS5 devkit leak LetsGoDigital

While several leaks claims to show PlayStation 5 development kits, Sony has stayed silent about the console’s details. That may seem odd given what Microsoft has revealed so far, but on the contrary, a major PlayStation reveal at CES 2020 would have been out of character for Sony. The company prefers to reserve its best announcements for its own events. We’ll likely have to wait for Sony to hold a private press conference to see any new information of substance.

2020 is shaping up to be a landmark year for console gaming. Microsoft and Sony will both release their new consoles, and both are expected to provide a huge upgrade over their predecessors. Yet rumors also suggest they’ll be backwards compatible, so gamers will still be able to play classic favorites without dragging out an older console.

We also expect to see a massive library of exciting new games in 2020, including the first games for the next-gen consoles. Check out our most anticipated games of 2020 for more details.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for additional updates.

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