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Sony’s PS5 logo is exactly like all the other PlayStations

Sony surprised the gaming world by making a PlayStation 5 announcement at CES 2020, sharing the first look at the PlayStation 5 logo.

It’s exactly what you would expect. The logo looks similar to the PS4 logo. Sony has kept its PlayStation branding extremely consistent across generations, so any major change for the PS5 would have been a strange move.

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This news follows Microsoft’s reveal of the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards 2019. The Xbox Series X reveal was relatively in-depth, showing off the look of the console and controller, and providing basic performance specifications.

CES 2020 also saw a minor tidbit of new Xbox Series X news. AMD’s press conference revealed the rear of the new Xbox console, including its ports. We now know the Xbox Series X will have two HDMI ports, two USB-C ports, optical audio, and an Ethernet port.

Interestingly, this means we saw more of the Xbox Series X at CES 2020 than we did of the PlayStation 5, despite Sony’s reveal of the PS5 logo. We know now what Microsoft’s console looks like front and back, its performance target, its port configuration, and what the gamepad will look like.

PS5 devkit leak
PS5 devkit leak LetsGoDigital

While several leaks claims to show PlayStation 5 development kits, Sony has stayed silent about the console’s details. That may seem odd given what Microsoft has revealed so far, but on the contrary, a major PlayStation reveal at CES 2020 would have been out of character for Sony. The company prefers to reserve its best announcements for its own events. We’ll likely have to wait for Sony to hold a private press conference to see any new information of substance.

2020 is shaping up to be a landmark year for console gaming. Microsoft and Sony will both release their new consoles, and both are expected to provide a huge upgrade over their predecessors. Yet rumors also suggest they’ll be backwards compatible, so gamers will still be able to play classic favorites without dragging out an older console.

We also expect to see a massive library of exciting new games in 2020, including the first games for the next-gen consoles. Check out our most anticipated games of 2020 for more details.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for additional updates.

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PS5 finally gets Dolby Atmos device support in latest system software beta
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Sony is rolling out the latest system software beta for PlayStation 5 today, and it brings a plethora of helpful new features to the console. One of the most notable is that the PS5 will now support Dolby Atmos-enabled audio devices. 
Select PlayStation users will get emails today inviting them to the beta. If they accept, those players will help Sony test out all of these features ahead of the patch's wide release sometime later this year. It's a beta worth opting into if you have any sort of Dolby Atmos-enabled sound system, as this update will make the PS5's proprietary Tempest 3D AudioTech compatible with soundbars, home theater systems, and TVs that utilize Dolby Atmos. 
You'll be able to change this setting by choosing Dolby Atmos in the Audio Format (Priority) menu, which is located in the Audio Output tab of the PS5 Setting's Sound menu. In beta, Dolby Atmos support will only work with games; a footnote in the PlayStation Blog post about the update explains that "media app providers can update their apps on PS5 to support Dolby Atmos audio" but that "these app updates are not currently supported in the PS5 beta."

Dolby Atmos support isn't the only notable feature to come to PS5 as part of this update. New accessibility features that let players use a second controller for assistance and give the System UI haptic feedback on DualSense and PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers are also part of the update. On the social side of things, this update lets players send party invitations to groups, smooths out the process for adding a new player to a closed party, adds a Share Screen preview window, introduces a "Joinable" icon for friends you can join a game with, and adds a more detailed tournaments tile to the Game Hub and the ability to react to player messages with emojis.
Under the ease-of-use category, this patch will finally give players the ability to search for games in their library and mute the PS5 beep sound, makes Game Help cards more helpful, and adds a new Discover Tips menu. Finally, for those looking to expand their system's memory, this update will increase M.2 SSD support to 8 TB devices. 
Overall, it's a pretty hefty update with tons of helpful new features, so you might want to try to opt into the preview before the patch rolls out to everyone later in 2023.

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All Xbox home screens are getting a PS5-style makeover starting today
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The Xbox home screen is getting a face-lift. Starting today, Microsoft will begin rolling out a freshly redesigned Xbox home interface across Xbox One, Series S, and Series X consoles.

If you're an Xbox owner, you're probably used to the consoles' current design that features a row of recently used apps at the top of the screen and a list of widgets below. Microsoft says it looked at user data and feedback from the Xbox community to create a redesigned experience that's more focused on discovery.

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