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PlayStation 5 backward compatibility will reportedly work with all generations

The backward compatibility feature of the PlayStation 5 will reportedly work with all generations back to the original PlayStation, which will give the console a massive boost amid competition with the Xbox Series X.

PlayStation 5 system architect Mark Cerny has previously confirmed that the next-generation console will be backward compatible with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR titles, as the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 have similar architectures. A new rumor, however, claims that the feature will go far beyond that.

A new report from HipHopGamer claims that Sony is developing a so-called “remastering engine” for the PlayStation 5 that will allow the console to run PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 games with various improvements.

The feature, according to HipHopGamer, will reportedly work in a similar manner to the Xbox One X’s backward compatibility, which means that older games will receive upgrades such as 4K support. He also said that the PlayStation 5 GPU will have three modes to help in recognizing and adapting to the CDs of previous generations.

According to ComicBook, HipHopGamer has previously proven to be a reliable source. However, the powerful backward compatibility feature of the PlayStation 5 will remain nothing more than a rumor until Sony officially confirms it.

In November 2019, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said that he wants PlayStation 4 owners to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 as soon as possible. This suggests that Sony is planning a massive rollout for the next-generation console, while hinting at possibly a lower-than-expected price tag and an attractive library of launch games. Backward compatibility with all previous generations will very likely help with Ryan’s goal, as the feature is not available on the PlayStation 4 outside of the PlayStation Now streaming service.

Backward compatibility is one of our biggest questions for the PlayStation 5, especially since Microsoft has already confirmed that the Xbox Series X will be able to run games from as far back as the original Xbox, similar to the Xbox One. Backward compatibility is viewed as one of the major selling points of the Xbox system, but if Sony also starts offering the feature, one of Microsoft’s advantages will be eliminated.

With a launch date set for the holiday season of 2020, Sony should soon start to reveal more information about the PlayStation 5.

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