Sony shows off experiments in augmented reality for PlayStation 4

sony shows experiments ps4 augmented reality

Never one to be left out of a tech trend, Sony continues to work at breaking down the border between you and your games with new tech demos of that showcase the Playstation 4’s potential for augmented reality experiences. The two videos below were posted to Playstation’s Japanese website (via GameSpot), showing off some of the AR that is possible using the Playstation 4 Eye camera.

The first video shows a man holding up two squares that generate clear cubes full of sloshing, simulated water and the perennial favorite rubber duck, which he proceeds to pour back and forth and then dump onto the floor.

In the second video, a man shines a real world flashlight onto a dinosaur, then virtual pop star Hatsune Miku, with the light casting appropriate shadows based on the position of the source in relation to the character.

Both effects are quite impressive. Along with Sony’s recently revealed Project Morpheus VR headset, this bodes well for the company’s commitment to an exciting future where gameplay will escape the two-dimensional prison of the screen.