Sony Teases EverQuest Sequel: EverQuest Next

sony teases next everquest sequel eqnext1

At Sony Online Entertainment’s annual Fan Faire event, SOE President John Smedley surprised fans by debuting the first in-game art on the next Everquest game, currently being developed under the working title of EverQuest Next.

After revealing details of the upcoming EQII Extended, discussing the next EverQuest expansion, “House of Thule”, and confirming that EverQuest II fans would need to wait until February 8 for the “Destiny of Velious” expansion pack, Smedley launched into a presentation titled “The Future of EverQuest”.

According to vg247, EverQuest Next will be a reimagining of the series, rather than a true sequel, and there will be a more stylized look. The new game will retain content from both current games, but it was designed from the ground up with new combat mechanics, and different method for telling the story.

“We haven’t announced the game because it’s still early in development,” Smedley said. “We haven’t even decided on raid and group sizes.”