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If you want a Quest 2, buy one before it gets a big price hike next week

Meta’s virtual reality headset, the Quest 2 is getting a price hike of $100. This announcement comes from the official Meta Quest VR Twitter page which cites the price rise as being part of its vision to “move the VR industry forward.”

In order to continue investing in moving the VR industry forward for the long term, we are adjusting the price of Meta Quest 2 headsets to $399.99 (128GB) and $499.99 (256GB) starting on 8/1/22.

— Meta Quest (@MetaQuestVR) July 26, 2022

The 128GB Meta Quest model is currently priced at $300 with its 256GB model sibling going for $400 on most marketplaces. These prices have been standard since their initial release. Meta’s new jump in price sees both these products having $100 extra added on two years after release.

In Meta’s Twitter announcement it included adjusted prices of its Meta Quest models, with them sitting at $400 for the 128GB model and $500 for the 256GB edition. While this jump in pricing isn’t put in effect at this exact moment, it is putting pressure on anyone looking to buy either of the virtual reality headsets very soon. The prices are set to change across various marketplaces first thing next month on August 1.

Reaction to the decision is already critical. With inflation on the rise and fears of an impending recession, an increase in VR pricing seems ill-timed for Meta. The news is also coming just as Sony is preparing to launch its PlayStation VR2 headset, which will borrow some key features from the Quest 2. If Sony’s headset ends up being cheaper, it could create some serious competition for Meta.

If you’d like to get your hands on a Meta Quest 2 console before the price raises $100 for each you’ll have to act fast. The price is set to increase next week on August 1.

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