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The Meta Quest Pro and Quest 2 are getting big price cuts this month

Meta revealed that it is bringing down the price of some of its most expensive VR headsets. The Meta Quest Pro will now cost $1,000 instead of $1,500, while the 256 GB model of the Meta Quest 2 will drop in price from $500 to $430.

This news was announced in a blog post, where Meta gave its reasoning for the price drop. “Our goal has always been to create hardware that’s affordable for as many people as possible to take advantage of all that VR has to offer,” it explains. “While we aren’t lowering the price of Meta Quest 2’s 128GB SKU, a new lower price for 256GB of storage will let even more people feel the joy of fully immersive games and experiences. Similarly, by lowering the price of Meta Quest Pro, we’re making our industry-leading Meta Reality technology and Infinite Display optical stack available to even more businesses and professionals around the world.”

Meta Quest Pro comes with two advanced Touch Controllers.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

In its statement, Meta seems to acknowledge how VR’s high price tag gatekeeps the technology from many casual users and hopes that more people will pick up the 256 GB Quest 2 and Quest Pro at these lower, but still somewhat expensive price points.

The move comes about six months after Meta raised the 256 GB Quest 2’s price from $400 to $500, attributing the decision to the fact that Meta wanted “to continue investing in moving the VR industry forward for the long term.”

These discounted prices will go into effect on March 5, so hold out on buying a Quest Pro or Quest 2 for a couple of days if you want to pick one up.

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