Star Citizen shows us what $41 million in crowd funded gameplay looks like

star citizen crowdfunding rockets past 51000000

Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games’ crowd funded space trading and combat sim, revealed a new look at its gameplay at PAX East.

The footage focuses on dogfighting and flight mechanics. It also highlights some of the game’s visual style. Space stations, asteroid belts, and broken worlds are a few of the locales we’ll see in the finished product, but you can get a peak at them here. It’s important to note that this is still a very early build, but it gives us a hint at what’s to come.

The game continues to generate headlines in part because of its phenomenal success with crowd funding. As of March 31, 2014, Star Citizen has raised over $41 million. With each new milestone and stretch goal reached, the developers introduce a new feature, program, or aspect to the game that wasn’t previously possible. As a result of hitting this most recent goal, Cloud Imperium’s chairman Chris Roberts, the man behind the Wing Commander games, announced that the dev can now fund a new “Procedural Generation R&D Team.” This team will develop procedural generation technology for later iterations of the game, which will help to enhance the scope and detail of the universe the team is building.

Star Citizen isn’t expected until 2015 at the earliest, but the developers decided to show off some of where that $41 million is being spent. The game is still accepting pledges as well, with multiple benefits and rewards based on the amount you choose to contribute. Check it out if you want to be part of the phenomenon.